You, as a client, always know at what stage I am working and what step will be the next. 

how we will work

I prefer a simple and clear process of cooperation. Teamwork, passion to project and respect 

Explore the process

The whole process of cooperation consists of several simple steps: 


You leave a request for services, after which I will contact you to discuss all the details. Signing the contract, payment for services, project start date. 

Discovery phase 

Branding & Design

Now it is time to work for me - I will create the branding and website of your dreams

Launch & celebration!

Yay!!! Your website is ready and you're taking your brand to the next level! 

Our kik-off strategy call will clarify all the details, what we need work on. I will analyze your niche, competitors, how you can stand in the spotlight.  

01 Onboarding 

Process in Details

02 terms and conditions

The first step - you leave a request for cooperation.

After reviewing your application, I'll send you a list of services and their prices to make sure you're familiar with all the details and we arrange an onboarding meeting

After the meeting, I send you a proposal, a contract, and an invoice for payment (100% or payment in installments).

When the contract is signed and the services are paid for, we officially start working together through a Strategic Session for your project.



Your business is more than just a pretty picture.

That's why we will dive into the essence of your business and find the key points: your values, your goals and vision for the future, your target audience, your brand voice, what your mission is.

Now it's time to lay the foundation for your future website.

I'll create 2 moodboards for you to choose from based on our strategy session. A moodboard is a selection of a certain vibe, the atmosphere you want to show through your website, as well as a selection of colors, font pairs, and a logo.

You can choose which moodboard best reflects the essence of your business.

If you need to make changes, one round of edits is available.


06 Other pages design 

Now it's time to make magic happen!

I will take the moodboard of your choice and create a homepage design for your website based on it. I'll send you a link to the front page and a detailed explanation of why I think it's the best solution for your site.

You can make one round of edits at this stage.

After the desktop version of the homepage is approved, I will develop a mobile version.

After we have approved the design of the main page of the site, I will develop additional pages: about me, services, leave a request, portfolio or cases, and other pages upon request.

At this stage, you also have one round of edits.

07 Tech connections


After creating all the pages and responsive versions of the site, I will connect the domain (link to your site), basic SEO settings, add a website favicon, and more.

Now your website is ready to launch!

We'll create content for social media to share that your business has upgraded and now has a new website.









Let's create amazing and eye-catching website together! 

from Paris with love